Our K’Ching app hands out cookies when you use it. Yum, we love biscuits! :-P The cookies we’re talking about are a bit different, though. They’re little files placed on your computer, tablet or phone.

Cookies can do loads of funky stuff. They check your identity, see how many cool kids use our website and app and more besides. That includes helping us make our website and app even more awesome by remembering things you like.

Some stay on your device, even when you’ve left our K’Ching website or app. That means no need to enter the same details over and over again. Nice! Turning cookies on or off is easy. Just hit ‘Change cookie preference’, ‘More info’ and make your choice.

Like to know more about cookies? See our full cookie policy below. Ask your parents for help with anything you don’t understand.

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The K'Ching website is administered jointly by KBC Bank NV, with registered office at Havenlaan 2, 1080 Brussels, and by CBC Banque SA, with registered office at Avenue Albert Ier 60, 5000 Namur. In this document, KBC Bank NV and CBC Banque SA are collectively referred to as 'KBC'.

KBC uses cookies on the K'Ching website to make your experience more enjoyable and to tailor its content to your needs and preferences.

You can decline the installation of cookies, but the operation of some parts of our websites and apps may be adversly affected or cease to work altogether. When you go continue to surf the K'Ching website or if you select 'Yes, I accept cookies', you consent to the use of cookies in terms of this cookie statement. You can cancel your consent at any time by changing your cookie preference.

Below is more information about KBC’s use of cookies, the care KBC takes in processing your data and how you change your cookie preference.

1. Cookies – what they are

Cookies are small files that are installed on your computer, smartphone or tablet when you visit a website.

There are several different types, each of which is designed to recognise certain aspects of who you are the next time you visit the site (like storing your chosen language), so processes run more smoothly for you. You don't therefore need to select your language every time you visit the site. Some cookies don't allow the user in question to be identified; they gather information on how the K'Ching website is used.  

2. The different types of cookies

KBC distinguishes among three types of cookies. A specific list of all the cookies that KBC uses can be found in section 8

Essential cookies are necessary for the K'Ching website's technical operation, including matters like verifying your identity when you log in.

Analysis cookies are cookies that collect information on how the K'Ching website is used, which is then used to improve the website's general performance. They do not identify users (they just report what pages are looked at and how long users remain on site).

KBC also uses a number of other cookies that do identify the user. It does so in order to make a record of user preferences or behaviour for a range of purposes:

  • functionality cookies make browsing easier, such
    as by remembering your language preference;
  • advertising and personalisation cookies gather information about your browsing habits so that the adverts and content you're plied with concern matters within your sphere of interest;
  • tracking cookies follow your browsing behaviour within a single website or across a number of them; 
  • social media cookies share information with social media forums like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

The purposes served by a given cookie can be manifold.

3. A cookie's lifespan

Session cookies get stored in your browser for a short period until such time as the browser's closed – they're then deleted automatically.

Permanent cookies remain on your computer, tablet or smartphone even after your browser's closed. They're used for recognition purposes each time you go back to the site. They either expire, are overwritten with a newer version or are manually deleted. Until then, they remain on your device.

4. The party installing and managing the cookies

First-party cookies are those installed and managed by KBC. They're specific to the K'Ching website you're visiting.

Any third-party cookies are managed by third parties and installed by them on your device during your K’Ching website session. They're designed to get certain information sent to third parties while you're there.

5. Data processing aspects

In de privacyverklaring van KBC Bank NV's and CBC Banque SA's Privacy Statement sets out the details of its data processing policy including information about the rights you can invoke if KBC Bank NV or CBC Banque SA processes personal data of yours, of which using cookies is an example.

Where KBC uses third-party cookies (see section 4), it makes sure that third parties have no means of identifying who you are from the data stored in those cookies.

6. The effect that your cookie preference has

If you set a preference on a kching.be domain website, it applies to the browser that's in use at that time. Users of multiple browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome) have to set their preference for each browser separately.

That preference has no effect on the K’Ching app (see the separate cookie statement). K'Ching app cookie preferences are set in the app itself. 

7. Changing your cookie preference

a. Accepting and declining cookies for the K'Ching website: at the foot of each K'Ching website page is an option to 'Change cookie preference' by selecting 'More information on cookies' and choosing as appropriate.

N.B.: KBC is legally within its rights to insist on cookies being used that are classed as essential (see section 2) even if you refuse your permission. These essential cookies aren't therefore affected even if you change your cookie preference.

b. Accepting or rejecting third-party cookies: You can manage the use of third-party cookies via these links: Adhese, Appnexus, Adobe, Clicktale, Facebook en Google.

c.  Tracking prevention: in certain browsers you can choose not to be tracked by websites (private windows or 'do not track'). KBC heeds only its own cookie protocols and will not support 'do not track'.

d. Accepting, refusing and deleting all cookies: You can arrange your browser settings to refuse the installation of cookies. You can also at any time remove cookies already installed on your computer or mobile device. To find out how to decline cookies in the commonest browsers, surf to http://www.aboutcookies.org.

8. Cookies the K'Ching website uses, and why

By browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies. Get more information or find out how to decline cookies.Click here.