In the spotlight

Every month, we launch a new version of K’Ching with its new
features. Get your skates on and check out this month's highlighted features!

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Free gifts

How to pay contactless?

Six arty skins for K’Ching

What can you do with K’Ching?

  • Manage your current and savings account
  • Transfer money to your friends or others
  • Check how much is left on your account
  • See how you’ve been spending your money in recent weeks and months
  • Add fun nicknames and photos for friends
  • Pay on your phone in shops
  • Pay back your friends by contactless
  • Withdraw cash from our ATMs using your phone
  • Make your app look even funkier with fun skins
  • Joke with and get answers to your questions from our friendly K’Ching robot
  • Do much more besides

A timeline full of surprises

By now, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the Facebook timeline. Our K’Ching timeline works pretty much the same way. Every day it tells you about trends, current affairs, events, facts or new features in the app. It also announces new K’Ching deals (fun prizes for your favourite shops and activities).

Don’t have a current account and debit card yet?

That’s all you need to make full use of our K’Ching app. Your parents can arrange this for you right away!

Got a current account with us?

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